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What We Do

mainDISTINCTION helps organizations, leaders, and campaigns move people to action.
Hire us when winning is important.

Clients hire us as experienced guides for strategy, advocacy and communication for small business, non-profit and political fields. We have unique expertise from years of working with organizations large and small that are facing challenges in development, branding and goal setting.

We develop strategies, plans and programs that integrate the best tactics available, as appropriate to each client's budget, capacity, and identity. We work with organizations, causes, and campaigns that are committed to walking a smart, strategic path to win.

Pulse System

Aligning your strategy and goals to current trends is imperative for an organization or campaign to succeed.

You need to know the PULSE of the community.

mainDISTINCTION offers an advanced network throughout Clark County that will deliver timely results on opinions, trends and messages you need to know in order to deliver a successful outcome.

The PULSE Feedback System navigates organizations, leaders and campaigns through the noise by giving timely and focused feedback.

By asking for the PULSE, you will receive a large sampling of opinions on the things you need to know.

Pulse System



Since 1996 Jim Mains has coached hundreds of individuals in life skills, small business management, non-profit branding, political strategy and addiction recovery.

In 2009 Jim was elected President of the Vancouver Farmers Market and spent the next four years working with the Market in a complete reorganziaiton. Now it is recognized as the number one Farmers Market in the State.


Jim Mains has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone. After starting his career in ministry and motivation, Jim moved his experience to the corporate and nonprofit world. Jim speaks to boards and organizations that want their people to improve their morale, teamwork, and communication skills.


The Pulse is one of the most advanced data collection systems by engaging a broader range of participants. Social circles, sports teams, religious groups, music ensembles, hobby clubs, service organizations, schools, neighborhoods, the people around you at the bus stop. The greatest connection to groups both formal and informal delivers the most accurate results.

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